Work from home! EASY AS PIE!

The company I work for is called Superior Freebies which is a company that advertises for Fortune 500 companies such as Gamefly,Go Daddy, Freecreditscore. etc…As referral agents, basically all we do is copy and paste ads and sign people up . The same way I got your attention is how you will get others attention; Easiest job! So every time someone checks their credit score,rents a game or tries another trial offer/s worth 1.00 full credit through your personal referral link, then you get paid a minimum of $50 within 12 hours through paypal or once a week by check. I average about $300+ weekly from home and I only work about 1 or 2 hrs a day. It’s easy & I will provide you full training and support….All you need is google chrome/firefox on your phone/computer/tablet, and at least 10 mins to sign up….Are you interested?

It’s FREE to get registered and there are no monthly fees… because we are advertising for these fortune 500 companies the only thing we are required to do to get started is to sample some of these products and services. Some of the trials are free and they have many that are at a low cost. Getting started will cost you no more than $16. ( u will need a debit or a credit card)
You will also need a personal PayPal account. If you don’t have a paypal account its free to sign up for one at

If you send me a friend request I can add you to a group so you can take a look around and see more proof of others making really good money doing this. I started to make some extra money for the holidays and never stopped because the money is so good!!!

You make $54 for each person that signs up using your link I’ve had 18 people message me my first day and 18 my second day I posted 1 status a day! I have a few signing up tonight! It won’t cost anything to sign up to get your code you’ll have to complete some offers they have some free ones but I did 3 of them and it cost me $11.95 that’s all but you make it back plus more with your first person that signs up! Your offers need to equal up to 1.00 Credit! If you need help feel free to email me: