Save money for gifts the easy way throughout the New Year.

Okay so if anyone is like me and mine we spend the last of November and all of December spending money on Christmas! It’s not good on our wallets especially when the electric companies want to spike up your bill out of no where! And starting January of 2015 I’ve came up with an awesome idea that’s going to help me with next years birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays and special events where I’m going to have to fork out the cash for gifts and if your budgets tight around that time of the year then you’re going to be pinching pennies. I want to share my idea with you on how to save money for those special days that will help throughout the year.
It’s so simple!
Starting in January of every year just buy a gift card from Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Hobby Lobby, ToysRUs, etc. Out of EVERY paycheck and put them in a drawer or somewhere safe, where you can give them as gifts throughout the year or save them up and use them on Christmas!
Since it’s not cash you’re not going to want to sneak and spend it! This way you won’t have to pinch pennies throughout the year for a gift or last minute gift for someone! You will thank me later!
I am so excited for the New Year and I’m always looking for ways to save money when I can!
P.S. You can give the gift cards at the time of you needing to give the gift or you can go use the gift card pick up a gift and bring it with you!
I recommend spending between $25 and $50+ on each gift card especially if you’re going to wait to use them all on Christmas!
Hope this short blog is a help for the up coming year!
Happy Holidays!