Sunny Sunday!!!

Did anyone else see how beautiful it was outside today? It was soooo pretty! Even though I didn’t feel well and stayed in bed all day I stared out my window until I went to sleep. When I woke up I got dressed and went and picked up my layaway and did some grocery shopping then came home wrapped gifts and also got all my gifts and ornaments ready to take to the post office tomorrow for my secret santa exchanges and my ornament exchanges! I can’t wait to receive my wonderful gifts from my secret santa’s and I can’t wait until mine arrive at their new destinations! I hope everyone loves them! Although mine for my own Secret Santa Exchange is being delayed in the mail I should be seeing it soon and sending it on it’s way! I’m so excited that it’s getting so close to Christmas! Zander’s ToysRUs gifts should be here anytime this week and I’m more than excited to get them here and to wrap them! He’s so excited but I don’t think anyone could be more excited than me! 🙂 Kendall starts work on 2nd shift tomorrow (Monday) and he’s going to help me do all my errands this week Monday- Take all gifts to post office to drop off so they get to their Special People before Christmas
Tuesday- Zander goes to the Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor for his constant nose bleeds.
Wednesday- Zander goes to the Dentist to get some tiny cavities filled from his breathing treatments and juices he drinks.
Thursday and Friday I guess I’ll play by ear! I’m so glad that Kendall gets to help me with this stuff this time! It’s hard on me sometimes to do it all alone.
Hope Everyone has a great night and an even better Tomorrow!
Goodnight ALL!

Save money for gifts the easy way throughout the New Year.

Okay so if anyone is like me and mine we spend the last of November and all of December spending money on Christmas! It’s not good on our wallets especially when the electric companies want to spike up your bill out of no where! And starting January of 2015 I’ve came up with an awesome idea that’s going to help me with next years birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays and special events where I’m going to have to fork out the cash for gifts and if your budgets tight around that time of the year then you’re going to be pinching pennies. I want to share my idea with you on how to save money for those special days that will help throughout the year.
It’s so simple!
Starting in January of every year just buy a gift card from Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Hobby Lobby, ToysRUs, etc. Out of EVERY paycheck and put them in a drawer or somewhere safe, where you can give them as gifts throughout the year or save them up and use them on Christmas!
Since it’s not cash you’re not going to want to sneak and spend it! This way you won’t have to pinch pennies throughout the year for a gift or last minute gift for someone! You will thank me later!
I am so excited for the New Year and I’m always looking for ways to save money when I can!
P.S. You can give the gift cards at the time of you needing to give the gift or you can go use the gift card pick up a gift and bring it with you!
I recommend spending between $25 and $50+ on each gift card especially if you’re going to wait to use them all on Christmas!
Hope this short blog is a help for the up coming year!
Happy Holidays!

Oops! I forgot…

So since I am doing my “Blogcember” I have made it a goal to write a blog everyday of the month December! Well I was in so much pain yesterday I really just didn’t feel like I had anything to blog about except to whine, and honestly I’m not about pity parties! Today, I’ve got my gears going and I’m ready to share with you some awesome stuff that I’ve found since I’m going to start my Phlebotomy classes in January! I want to first start out by asking…Who uses a planner or catches themselves making little notes on sticky notes or even catches themselves writing it down on their hands? Well I do all of the above! And since I’ll be starting my classes in January I’ll need a NEW planner for the year 2015 to keep up with all my notes, blog ideas, school, grocery lists, etc. I know planners are really boring but I’ve found a way to make them fun and exciting and I wanted to share it with you!
Erin Condren makes planners that you can make totally your own and are fully customizable! They come with your name and colors and even interchangable covers! You can decorate the inside pages like a scrap book using stickers and pens and all that jazz! I’ve seen some really cute designs on instagram and youtube watching everyone decorate theirs! I want to give you guys a referral code to give you $10 off your order on their site! They have tons of stuff to offer and their lowest planner is $50.00! Yes, I know that’s not cheap but if you think about it if you go to walmart or target or anywhere really a NICE planner is atleast $20-$25 and it’s just plain…But with Erin Condren you get to pick out your design, your colors, and have your name or family name put right on the front you can even get a picture put on the front and back. It has interchangeable covers and tons of accessories you can purchase for it and make it YOURS! So why not use my referral code and get $10 off your order!
JUST CLICK HERE make an account and shop and receive $10 off your order!
Let me know what you’ve ordered and I’ll let you know what I’ve ordered I’ll have future posts with where I get my stickers and such to decorate mine!

Busy, Busy!

I have been so busy this past week with Thanksgiving that I’ve not had time to even think! So I want to first start off by saying Happy Belated Thanksgiving I hope it was amazing! I attended 6 family dinners! So I’ve had my feel for Turkey and Ham until Christmas if I can even stomach the thought of it anymore ha ha! The two Exchanges (Ornament and Secret Santa) are now CLOSED. And I’m awaiting my gift and Ornament and I’m also waiting for this rain to clear up to mail out the gifts and ornaments I have for my special people!

For New Years I want to do a giveaway on my blog but first I’d like to reach 100 subscribers and for every 100 subscribers I’ll do a giveaway. So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in please subscribe to my blogs and share with your friends and have them subscribe! If I reach 100 subscribers before January 1, 2015 I’ll be doing a giveaway for my subscribers ONLY!

My blogs are:

So please subscribe, share and pass the word along! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Ornament Exchange xo

So, next Saturday, November 29, 2014 will be the last day to sign up for the #ornamentexchangexo Ornament Exchange. All ornaments need to be in the mail by Wednesday, December 10, 2014! Remember to package your ornament accordingly and safely for a bumpy ride to it’s destination ESPECIALLY IF IT’S GLASS!
If you want to Join the Exchange go here: OrnamentExchangexo Form.
Fill it out and wait for your partner to be assigned! 🙂
Keep an eye out for an E-mail from me with who your partner is and what there info is!
No Blog? No Problem! We’d still love for you to participate! Share this with your friends so they can sign up and participate too!
Price Range for Ornaments is $5-$10 you can spend more if you want but no less than $5! Or you can make it handmade!

Secret Santa Gift Box Exchange!

Who’s up for a Secret Santa Giftbox Exchange? I’m also hosting an Ornament Exchange too if you want to participate in that as well!

The Secret Santa Giftbox Exchange signups will end on November 26th. All gifts must be in the mail by December 10th.
You’ll need to go here.
Fill out your First and Last name as well as your E-Mail Address keep a look out for an email with who your person is or check back on that site. They will keep you updated, then you must anonymously ask for the persons wishlist and address on that site. No one will know who you have except you!
Once you receive your email with your persons name keep it a secret and go shopping the minimum amount is $25 not including shipping! If you’re feeling generous you can spend more!
When you receive your box in the mail take a picture and on facebook and instagram hashtag #sincerelysecretsanta so we can all see your goodies!
It’s a GiftBox Exchange which means you should get a box and fill it with goodies then mail it out!
What are you waiting for head over and fill out your form now! I’m so excited and yes I will be participating! Who is my Secret Santa going to be? Who’s Secret Santa am I going to be?
I can’t wait to see!!!

Holiday Ornament Exchange!

I’d love for you to Join Me in an Ornament Exchange Party! Here’s how it goes:
1. Fill out this FORM by November 29th.
2. I will email you with your exchange persons Name & Address by December 1st.
3. You can send a HANDMADE Ornament or Buy One to send with price range of $5-$10! Must be in the MAIL by DECEMBER 10th!
4. Sit back and wait for your ornament to arrive in the mail! Place it on your tree every year and be reminded of how fun these parties are and how thoughtful some people can be!

-Be sure to if it is a breakable ornament to package it well so it doesn’t break in transport.
-To keep shipping easy for participants, please, US residents only.
**No blog? No problem. We’d still love to have you participate!**

5 Best Gifts for Men for $35 or less!

So we all know how difficult it can be to buy for a man…Well I am here to help you, with 5 Best Gifts you can get for the man or men in your life!

1. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker
My husband is always stopping and spending money on breakfast sandwiches on his way to work every morning, I’m thinking about making this a christmas gift from me to him because everything has the potential to be healthier if you make it yourself at home, and you know what’s going into it. This is only $24.00!

2. Cuisinart CGS-5014 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set
My father in law LOVES to Grill! And he’s really good at it! I’m getting this for him for his Christmas Gift from me, I know he will love it! And I love the price! $27.63

3. Black & Decker BDCS40G 4-Volt MAX Gyro Screwdriver
My dad is always working on things and building new things and so is my uncle I think this is really cute and I know either one of them would appreciate this as a gift! Price is $33.37!

4. Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed Not to Fog, Designed Not to Fall. #1 Selling and Ranked by Amazon Customers. (Silver)
I have a mirror in my shower that I am absolutely in love with sorta like this but green and round and not from this brand and didn’t come with the squeegee BUT it is fogless (I know you’re thinking then it’s nothing like this lol!) I think any man that shaves his face or brushes his teeth in the shower would appreciate this gift! And it’s gauranteed not to fall, fog up, and has a squeegee just incase water gets on it! It suction cups to your shower wall. Price is $29.95!

5. Abco Tech Water Resistant Wireless FM Radio Bluetooth Shower Speaker with Suction Cup and Hands-Free Speakerphone, Orange/Blue
My husband has the worst habit of sitting his phone in the top corner of the shower and listening to music while showering, I’m so terrified his phone is going to fall into the shower and ruin so I’m definitely going to pick this up for him as a stocking stuffer. He can listen to his music and even answer phone calls if needed while in the shower. It has a suction cup so it just sticks right to the shower wall and it’s water resistant and is BLUETOOTH! What more can you ask for and for $20.97 your wallet won’t complain either!

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That’s a steal of a deal!

Have you ever wanted to just splurge on someone a gift but you have a very limited budget? Well I have the solution for you! These sites I’m listing below have tons of options for great gifts at a discounted price! You won’t believe how great the deals are! Click the word to be redirected to the website!
*Paparazzi $5 Jewelry & Accessories
(Gifts for your animals and all animal needs!)
*Soap (Gift sets and other soap needs!)
*Diapers (Diaper and other baby gifts and accessories)
*Shop Amazon’s Electronics Holiday Gift Finder – Find the Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

All of these links have tons of different stuff to offer for Babies, Teens, Adults, even your ANIMALS and fur babies of all sizes!
The things they offer make the perfect gift year round!

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