Let’s Play Catch-Up!

Okay so quick run through of yesterday since I didn’t post anything, so yesterday it started out with us finishing up the stay at my moms and dads house they took my son Zander to see Santa Clause at the mall and me and my husband Kendall met up with some friends for a dinner date, then we all came back to my house and karaoke’d till around 1 a.m. then we called it a night and everyone went home. It was so fun and funny! I can’t wait to do that again! I paid all the bills Friday and I don’t understand why they all come out on one payday and not the other I’ll get that lined out eventually! I’ve got so much on my plate and not enough time or money to do anything! UGH! I feel like there’s always something slowing us down, I try to be the positive part of this family! I hold everything together even when I feel like it’s all falling apart! I know now I’m just rambling! So yeah that pretty much sums up yesterday now onto my next blog for today!