We’ve finally reached the MIDDLE!

We’ve finally reached the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK that is! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! Today, Zander had his dentist appointment first thing this morning and it ended like I knew it would he screamed and tried fighting them when they tried to put the laughing gas mask over his face. Zander has always had asthma and never liked the mask he always does his breathing treatments through the tube the mask has always scared him. So, since he went into fight or flight mode they’re having him come to the hospital in February to be put to sleep and having his four front teeth filled (cavaties from apple juice, and other juices along with his breathing treatments). They said we’d be there for a total of 7 hours from start until checkout. That sounds lovely right? Well, I’m done with doctors appointments this week! That I’m thankful for! Now I’m resting until our appointments start going crazy again after the New Year!
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Monday, Oh….Monday!

So, today is the dreaded Monday and it really hasn’t been to bad Zander has kept me company while doing laundry and playing on the couch! He’s one amazing little boy. This week is going to keep me pretty busy and I am ready for it! Tomorrow is Zander’s ENT appointment then Wednesday is his Dentist appointment. He loves that place and even goes back by himself like a big boy and he’s so happy when he walks out I honestly love it! I am ready to get the next couple of weeks over with that way it’s close to Christmas I can’t wait to watch his face light up when he sees all of his gifts! Can it be the 24th & 25th already? Sigh…. Well I’ve got to go work on some stuff for my work at home businesses so I’m going to have to wrap this blog post up! Hope everyone has a great night!