Work from home! EASY AS PIE!

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If you send me a friend request I can add you to a group so you can take a look around and see more proof of others making really good money doing this. I started to make some extra money for the holidays and never stopped because the money is so good!!!

You make $54 for each person that signs up using your link I’ve had 18 people message me my first day and 18 my second day I posted 1 status a day! I have a few signing up tonight! It won’t cost anything to sign up to get your code you’ll have to complete some offers they have some free ones but I did 3 of them and it cost me $11.95 that’s all but you make it back plus more with your first person that signs up! Your offers need to equal up to 1.00 Credit! If you need help feel free to email me:


We’ve finally reached the MIDDLE!

We’ve finally reached the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK that is! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! Today, Zander had his dentist appointment first thing this morning and it ended like I knew it would he screamed and tried fighting them when they tried to put the laughing gas mask over his face. Zander has always had asthma and never liked the mask he always does his breathing treatments through the tube the mask has always scared him. So, since he went into fight or flight mode they’re having him come to the hospital in February to be put to sleep and having his four front teeth filled (cavaties from apple juice, and other juices along with his breathing treatments). They said we’d be there for a total of 7 hours from start until checkout. That sounds lovely right? Well, I’m done with doctors appointments this week! That I’m thankful for! Now I’m resting until our appointments start going crazy again after the New Year!
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Yesterday is always being written Today!

Atleast, I think I’m running a day late? Who knows! Nothing is surprising when it comes to me! HAHA! So, yesterday Zander had his ENT appointment where he was told he stays extremely dry and he’s not allowed to take his medicine unless we can actually see he needs it because it’s drying him out so bad that it’s causing constant and I mean like a every day kind of constant nose bleed! We went to eat at his great grandma’s and stayed there until bed time then, we came home and I took my medicine for my osteoporosis and we waited for his dad to come home from work then we all headed to bed. Not a very exciting day but it’s days like that, that keep my mind off the long week haha! So glad that it wasn’t anything major though! See you guys next blog post! Remember I’m doing a giveaway if my blog reaches 100 followers before January 1, 2015!

Monday, Oh….Monday!

So, today is the dreaded Monday and it really hasn’t been to bad Zander has kept me company while doing laundry and playing on the couch! He’s one amazing little boy. This week is going to keep me pretty busy and I am ready for it! Tomorrow is Zander’s ENT appointment then Wednesday is his Dentist appointment. He loves that place and even goes back by himself like a big boy and he’s so happy when he walks out I honestly love it! I am ready to get the next couple of weeks over with that way it’s close to Christmas I can’t wait to watch his face light up when he sees all of his gifts! Can it be the 24th & 25th already? Sigh…. Well I’ve got to go work on some stuff for my work at home businesses so I’m going to have to wrap this blog post up! Hope everyone has a great night!

Sunny Sunday!!!

Did anyone else see how beautiful it was outside today? It was soooo pretty! Even though I didn’t feel well and stayed in bed all day I stared out my window until I went to sleep. When I woke up I got dressed and went and picked up my layaway and did some grocery shopping then came home wrapped gifts and also got all my gifts and ornaments ready to take to the post office tomorrow for my secret santa exchanges and my ornament exchanges! I can’t wait to receive my wonderful gifts from my secret santa’s and I can’t wait until mine arrive at their new destinations! I hope everyone loves them! Although mine for my own Secret Santa Exchange is being delayed in the mail I should be seeing it soon and sending it on it’s way! I’m so excited that it’s getting so close to Christmas! Zander’s ToysRUs gifts should be here anytime this week and I’m more than excited to get them here and to wrap them! He’s so excited but I don’t think anyone could be more excited than me! 🙂 Kendall starts work on 2nd shift tomorrow (Monday) and he’s going to help me do all my errands this week Monday- Take all gifts to post office to drop off so they get to their Special People before Christmas
Tuesday- Zander goes to the Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor for his constant nose bleeds.
Wednesday- Zander goes to the Dentist to get some tiny cavities filled from his breathing treatments and juices he drinks.
Thursday and Friday I guess I’ll play by ear! I’m so glad that Kendall gets to help me with this stuff this time! It’s hard on me sometimes to do it all alone.
Hope Everyone has a great night and an even better Tomorrow!
Goodnight ALL!

Let’s Play Catch-Up!

Okay so quick run through of yesterday since I didn’t post anything, so yesterday it started out with us finishing up the stay at my moms and dads house they took my son Zander to see Santa Clause at the mall and me and my husband Kendall met up with some friends for a dinner date, then we all came back to my house and karaoke’d till around 1 a.m. then we called it a night and everyone went home. It was so fun and funny! I can’t wait to do that again! I paid all the bills Friday and I don’t understand why they all come out on one payday and not the other I’ll get that lined out eventually! I’ve got so much on my plate and not enough time or money to do anything! UGH! I feel like there’s always something slowing us down, I try to be the positive part of this family! I hold everything together even when I feel like it’s all falling apart! I know now I’m just rambling! So yeah that pretty much sums up yesterday now onto my next blog for today!


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Save money for gifts the easy way throughout the New Year.

Okay so if anyone is like me and mine we spend the last of November and all of December spending money on Christmas! It’s not good on our wallets especially when the electric companies want to spike up your bill out of no where! And starting January of 2015 I’ve came up with an awesome idea that’s going to help me with next years birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays and special events where I’m going to have to fork out the cash for gifts and if your budgets tight around that time of the year then you’re going to be pinching pennies. I want to share my idea with you on how to save money for those special days that will help throughout the year.
It’s so simple!
Starting in January of every year just buy a gift card from Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Hobby Lobby, ToysRUs, etc. Out of EVERY paycheck and put them in a drawer or somewhere safe, where you can give them as gifts throughout the year or save them up and use them on Christmas!
Since it’s not cash you’re not going to want to sneak and spend it! This way you won’t have to pinch pennies throughout the year for a gift or last minute gift for someone! You will thank me later!
I am so excited for the New Year and I’m always looking for ways to save money when I can!
P.S. You can give the gift cards at the time of you needing to give the gift or you can go use the gift card pick up a gift and bring it with you!
I recommend spending between $25 and $50+ on each gift card especially if you’re going to wait to use them all on Christmas!
Hope this short blog is a help for the up coming year!
Happy Holidays!

Oops! I forgot…

So since I am doing my “Blogcember” I have made it a goal to write a blog everyday of the month December! Well I was in so much pain yesterday I really just didn’t feel like I had anything to blog about except to whine, and honestly I’m not about pity parties! Today, I’ve got my gears going and I’m ready to share with you some awesome stuff that I’ve found since I’m going to start my Phlebotomy classes in January! I want to first start out by asking…Who uses a planner or catches themselves making little notes on sticky notes or even catches themselves writing it down on their hands? Well I do all of the above! And since I’ll be starting my classes in January I’ll need a NEW planner for the year 2015 to keep up with all my notes, blog ideas, school, grocery lists, etc. I know planners are really boring but I’ve found a way to make them fun and exciting and I wanted to share it with you!
Erin Condren makes planners that you can make totally your own and are fully customizable! They come with your name and colors and even interchangable covers! You can decorate the inside pages like a scrap book using stickers and pens and all that jazz! I’ve seen some really cute designs on instagram and youtube watching everyone decorate theirs! I want to give you guys a referral code to give you $10 off your order on their site! They have tons of stuff to offer and their lowest planner is $50.00! Yes, I know that’s not cheap but if you think about it if you go to walmart or target or anywhere really a NICE planner is atleast $20-$25 and it’s just plain…But with Erin Condren you get to pick out your design, your colors, and have your name or family name put right on the front you can even get a picture put on the front and back. It has interchangeable covers and tons of accessories you can purchase for it and make it YOURS! So why not use my referral code and get $10 off your order!
JUST CLICK HERE make an account and shop and receive $10 off your order!
Let me know what you’ve ordered and I’ll let you know what I’ve ordered I’ll have future posts with where I get my stickers and such to decorate mine!

Bad News Tuesday!

So while not wanting to make my blog about my personal life I feel like I’ll be helping a bunch of ladies out after they read this. So, a month and a few weeks ago I was at the doctor for a cold, and while there the nurse asked if I had scoliosis I told her as far as I know I do not, I’ve always been healthy and although I’ve had mild back pain I figured it was from lugging around my 50 pound 4 year old little boy all the time and such. She then told me to sit as straight as I could and told me I sat lopsided I was like okay, so she wrote me up to have an x-ray done and I delayed it because I had other tests and stuff I needed ran first. About 2 weeks ago I went and had that over due x-ray done on my back only to find out I do in fact have scoliosis, and something else showed too and that had me scared so my home doctor told me he scheduled me for a bone density test. I went last tuesday and got my bone density test done, TODAY this Tuesday my doctor sat me down for my results. I just turned 22, November the 6th of this year (2014) and I just found out today December 2, 2014 that I have Osteoporosis and Scoliosis! I’m super young to have this! Now I’m on awful medicine that could do my health worse as it gets better and I have to put off on trying for another baby atleast for another year until they see if my bones are getting stronger because this medicine I’m taking for it you can’t be pregnant while taking it. I’m absolutely shaken and mortified that I’m 22 and have to endure this so early in my life. 22 going on 80 is what I have been joking around with everyone I talk to about it. Anywho, what I was trying to get at is 4 years ago I started the Birth Control Depo Shot after the birth of my only child. I was on it for 3 years straight and my last shot was October of 2013 which was a year ago, in that short 3 years of being on the shot a year after I quit (because I was having all the bad side effects come to me 3 years later instead of when I first started the shot) I was told I have Scoliosis and Osteoporosis! I would not recommend that shot to my worst enemy and I do not understand why it isn’t pulled off the market, I’ve also been trying since October of 2013 to conceive a second child and that’s never happened. I am ovulating and having normal cycles so maybe it just isn’t in God’s timing. I just do not understand why ME?! I thought I was pretty healthy for my age I don’t smoke or do anything bad, but apparently I’m not as healthy as I thought. Thanks for taking the time out to read this blog on my second day of #blogcember! I’m done rambling! I just want to warn everyone of that awful Birth Control Depo Shot that can ruin your health in such a short time span!