Work From Home? Sure!

The company I work for is called Superior Freebies which is a company that advertises for Fortune 500 companies such as Gamefly,Go Daddy, Freecreditscore. etc…As referral agents, basically all we do is copy and paste ads and sign people up . The same way I got your attention is how you will get others attention; Easiest job! So every time someone checks their credit score,rents a game or tries another trial offer/s worth 1.00 full credit through your personal referral link, then you get paid a minimum of $50 within 12 hours through paypal or once a week by check. I average about $300+ weekly from home and I only work about 1 or 2 hrs a day. It’s easy & I will provide you full training and support….All you need is google chrome/firefox on your phone/computer/tablet, and at least 10 mins to sign up….Are you interested?

It’s FREE to get registered and there are no monthly fees… because we are advertising for these fortune 500 companies the only thing we are required to do to get started is to sample some of these products and services. Some of the trials are free and they have many that are at a low cost. Getting started will cost you no more than $16. ( you will need a debit or a credit card)
You will also need a personal PayPal account. If you don’t have a paypal account its free to sign up for one at

If you send me a friend request on facebook or send me an email ( with the subject line as “I want to work from home xo” I can add you to a group so you can take a look around and see more proof of others making really good money doing this. I started to make some extra money for the holidays and never stopped because the money is so good!!!
Want to jump on in? Just go here get 100 credits by completing the offers that will add up to the 100 credits which are : $1.00 is all you’ll have to pay

-Pimsleur language visit and click become an affiliate join and select the language you’d like to learn they’ll mail you a dvd, you can decline all offers this may lead to again it isn’t spam so it’ll end just keep clicking not interested or whatever you’ll pay $9.95 for this one. $1.00 is all you’ll have to pay for this one and it gives you discounts and coupons if you’re not into that you can also select to do- One week trial for $1.00 which you can watch movies on your computer after your week is up you may want to cancel or you can continue to keep your account on there for $49.95!

These 3 will equal up for 100 credits!

Ready to start? Go Here:


I want to do a New Years GIVEAWAY something that’ll help my blog and also a little thanks for you subscribing and following my blogs! So I need ideas on what you guys would be interested in receiving from me! Just comment below with some ideas if my blogs reach 100 subscribers/followers before January 1, 2015 there will be a giveaway for every 100 subscribers/followers my blogs receive! That means more chances for everyone to win! Refer your friends to my blogs I’m sure they’ll find something they’ll love! I plan on doing give aways and exchanges for major holidays and seasons! 🙂
Here’s how to win!
1. Be subscribed to my blogs:

2. Comment below with what you’d like to see in the GIVEAWAY!

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Only my subscribers/followers will have a chance to win! So what are you waiting for?

Ornament Exchange xo

So, next Saturday, November 29, 2014 will be the last day to sign up for the #ornamentexchangexo Ornament Exchange. All ornaments need to be in the mail by Wednesday, December 10, 2014! Remember to package your ornament accordingly and safely for a bumpy ride to it’s destination ESPECIALLY IF IT’S GLASS!
If you want to Join the Exchange go here: OrnamentExchangexo Form.
Fill it out and wait for your partner to be assigned! 🙂
Keep an eye out for an E-mail from me with who your partner is and what there info is!
No Blog? No Problem! We’d still love for you to participate! Share this with your friends so they can sign up and participate too!
Price Range for Ornaments is $5-$10 you can spend more if you want but no less than $5! Or you can make it handmade!

Secret Santa Gift Box Exchange!

Who’s up for a Secret Santa Giftbox Exchange? I’m also hosting an Ornament Exchange too if you want to participate in that as well!

The Secret Santa Giftbox Exchange signups will end on November 26th. All gifts must be in the mail by December 10th.
You’ll need to go here.
Fill out your First and Last name as well as your E-Mail Address keep a look out for an email with who your person is or check back on that site. They will keep you updated, then you must anonymously ask for the persons wishlist and address on that site. No one will know who you have except you!
Once you receive your email with your persons name keep it a secret and go shopping the minimum amount is $25 not including shipping! If you’re feeling generous you can spend more!
When you receive your box in the mail take a picture and on facebook and instagram hashtag #sincerelysecretsanta so we can all see your goodies!
It’s a GiftBox Exchange which means you should get a box and fill it with goodies then mail it out!
What are you waiting for head over and fill out your form now! I’m so excited and yes I will be participating! Who is my Secret Santa going to be? Who’s Secret Santa am I going to be?
I can’t wait to see!!!

Holiday Ornament Exchange!

I’d love for you to Join Me in an Ornament Exchange Party! Here’s how it goes:
1. Fill out this FORM by November 29th.
2. I will email you with your exchange persons Name & Address by December 1st.
3. You can send a HANDMADE Ornament or Buy One to send with price range of $5-$10! Must be in the MAIL by DECEMBER 10th!
4. Sit back and wait for your ornament to arrive in the mail! Place it on your tree every year and be reminded of how fun these parties are and how thoughtful some people can be!

-Be sure to if it is a breakable ornament to package it well so it doesn’t break in transport.
-To keep shipping easy for participants, please, US residents only.
**No blog? No problem. We’d still love to have you participate!**