Bad News Tuesday!

So while not wanting to make my blog about my personal life I feel like I’ll be helping a bunch of ladies out after they read this. So, a month and a few weeks ago I was at the doctor for a cold, and while there the nurse asked if I had scoliosis I told her as far as I know I do not, I’ve always been healthy and although I’ve had mild back pain I figured it was from lugging around my 50 pound 4 year old little boy all the time and such. She then told me to sit as straight as I could and told me I sat lopsided I was like okay, so she wrote me up to have an x-ray done and I delayed it because I had other tests and stuff I needed ran first. About 2 weeks ago I went and had that over due x-ray done on my back only to find out I do in fact have scoliosis, and something else showed too and that had me scared so my home doctor told me he scheduled me for a bone density test. I went last tuesday and got my bone density test done, TODAY this Tuesday my doctor sat me down for my results. I just turned 22, November the 6th of this year (2014) and I just found out today December 2, 2014 that I have Osteoporosis and Scoliosis! I’m super young to have this! Now I’m on awful medicine that could do my health worse as it gets better and I have to put off on trying for another baby atleast for another year until they see if my bones are getting stronger because this medicine I’m taking for it you can’t be pregnant while taking it. I’m absolutely shaken and mortified that I’m 22 and have to endure this so early in my life. 22 going on 80 is what I have been joking around with everyone I talk to about it. Anywho, what I was trying to get at is 4 years ago I started the Birth Control Depo Shot after the birth of my only child. I was on it for 3 years straight and my last shot was October of 2013 which was a year ago, in that short 3 years of being on the shot a year after I quit (because I was having all the bad side effects come to me 3 years later instead of when I first started the shot) I was told I have Scoliosis and Osteoporosis! I would not recommend that shot to my worst enemy and I do not understand why it isn’t pulled off the market, I’ve also been trying since October of 2013 to conceive a second child and that’s never happened. I am ovulating and having normal cycles so maybe it just isn’t in God’s timing. I just do not understand why ME?! I thought I was pretty healthy for my age I don’t smoke or do anything bad, but apparently I’m not as healthy as I thought. Thanks for taking the time out to read this blog on my second day of #blogcember! I’m done rambling! I just want to warn everyone of that awful Birth Control Depo Shot that can ruin your health in such a short time span!

Busy, Busy!

I have been so busy this past week with Thanksgiving that I’ve not had time to even think! So I want to first start off by saying Happy Belated Thanksgiving I hope it was amazing! I attended 6 family dinners! So I’ve had my feel for Turkey and Ham until Christmas if I can even stomach the thought of it anymore ha ha! The two Exchanges (Ornament and Secret Santa) are now CLOSED. And I’m awaiting my gift and Ornament and I’m also waiting for this rain to clear up to mail out the gifts and ornaments I have for my special people!

For New Years I want to do a giveaway on my blog but first I’d like to reach 100 subscribers and for every 100 subscribers I’ll do a giveaway. So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in please subscribe to my blogs and share with your friends and have them subscribe! If I reach 100 subscribers before January 1, 2015 I’ll be doing a giveaway for my subscribers ONLY!

My blogs are:

So please subscribe, share and pass the word along! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Ornament Exchange xo

So, next Saturday, November 29, 2014 will be the last day to sign up for the #ornamentexchangexo Ornament Exchange. All ornaments need to be in the mail by Wednesday, December 10, 2014! Remember to package your ornament accordingly and safely for a bumpy ride to it’s destination ESPECIALLY IF IT’S GLASS!
If you want to Join the Exchange go here: OrnamentExchangexo Form.
Fill it out and wait for your partner to be assigned! 🙂
Keep an eye out for an E-mail from me with who your partner is and what there info is!
No Blog? No Problem! We’d still love for you to participate! Share this with your friends so they can sign up and participate too!
Price Range for Ornaments is $5-$10 you can spend more if you want but no less than $5! Or you can make it handmade!

Get involved: Christmas Blogger Gift Swap!

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Everyone should head over to Viola’s page and participate in this amazing blogger gift exchange! I’m hosting a Secret Santa on my blog as well!

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A Piece of Viola


I actually can’t believe I’m posting something about Christmas already, it seems so near yet so far away… Anyhow, as it’s my blog’s first ever Christmas, I thought I’d organise an exciting event to celebrate!

Christmas Blogger Gift Swap (UK only)
I want to invite all bloggers, regardless of whereabouts you live in the UK, regardless of how big or small your blog is, and regardless of what ‘type’ of blog you have, to join in and get involved!

What is this all about?
The idea behind this event is to basically get bloggers interacting which each other during the festive season and to do a gift swap. It’s a chance to get to know others and discover a variety of other amazing blogs out there! You’ll be paired with a fellow blogger at the beginning of December where you’ll have a short period to get to know them before…

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Secret Santa Gift Box Exchange!

Who’s up for a Secret Santa Giftbox Exchange? I’m also hosting an Ornament Exchange too if you want to participate in that as well!

The Secret Santa Giftbox Exchange signups will end on November 26th. All gifts must be in the mail by December 10th.
You’ll need to go here.
Fill out your First and Last name as well as your E-Mail Address keep a look out for an email with who your person is or check back on that site. They will keep you updated, then you must anonymously ask for the persons wishlist and address on that site. No one will know who you have except you!
Once you receive your email with your persons name keep it a secret and go shopping the minimum amount is $25 not including shipping! If you’re feeling generous you can spend more!
When you receive your box in the mail take a picture and on facebook and instagram hashtag #sincerelysecretsanta so we can all see your goodies!
It’s a GiftBox Exchange which means you should get a box and fill it with goodies then mail it out!
What are you waiting for head over and fill out your form now! I’m so excited and yes I will be participating! Who is my Secret Santa going to be? Who’s Secret Santa am I going to be?
I can’t wait to see!!!

Holiday Ornament Exchange!

I’d love for you to Join Me in an Ornament Exchange Party! Here’s how it goes:
1. Fill out this FORM by November 29th.
2. I will email you with your exchange persons Name & Address by December 1st.
3. You can send a HANDMADE Ornament or Buy One to send with price range of $5-$10! Must be in the MAIL by DECEMBER 10th!
4. Sit back and wait for your ornament to arrive in the mail! Place it on your tree every year and be reminded of how fun these parties are and how thoughtful some people can be!

-Be sure to if it is a breakable ornament to package it well so it doesn’t break in transport.
-To keep shipping easy for participants, please, US residents only.
**No blog? No problem. We’d still love to have you participate!**

5 Best Gifts for Men for $35 or less!

So we all know how difficult it can be to buy for a man…Well I am here to help you, with 5 Best Gifts you can get for the man or men in your life!

1. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker
My husband is always stopping and spending money on breakfast sandwiches on his way to work every morning, I’m thinking about making this a christmas gift from me to him because everything has the potential to be healthier if you make it yourself at home, and you know what’s going into it. This is only $24.00!

2. Cuisinart CGS-5014 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set
My father in law LOVES to Grill! And he’s really good at it! I’m getting this for him for his Christmas Gift from me, I know he will love it! And I love the price! $27.63

3. Black & Decker BDCS40G 4-Volt MAX Gyro Screwdriver
My dad is always working on things and building new things and so is my uncle I think this is really cute and I know either one of them would appreciate this as a gift! Price is $33.37!

4. Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed Not to Fog, Designed Not to Fall. #1 Selling and Ranked by Amazon Customers. (Silver)
I have a mirror in my shower that I am absolutely in love with sorta like this but green and round and not from this brand and didn’t come with the squeegee BUT it is fogless (I know you’re thinking then it’s nothing like this lol!) I think any man that shaves his face or brushes his teeth in the shower would appreciate this gift! And it’s gauranteed not to fall, fog up, and has a squeegee just incase water gets on it! It suction cups to your shower wall. Price is $29.95!

5. Abco Tech Water Resistant Wireless FM Radio Bluetooth Shower Speaker with Suction Cup and Hands-Free Speakerphone, Orange/Blue
My husband has the worst habit of sitting his phone in the top corner of the shower and listening to music while showering, I’m so terrified his phone is going to fall into the shower and ruin so I’m definitely going to pick this up for him as a stocking stuffer. He can listen to his music and even answer phone calls if needed while in the shower. It has a suction cup so it just sticks right to the shower wall and it’s water resistant and is BLUETOOTH! What more can you ask for and for $20.97 your wallet won’t complain either!

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Cheap $5 Gifts

So with the Christmas Holiday coming up soon! It’s never to early to start shopping. And since it’s better to buy off small business owners and direct salesmen, since you get a more personalized experience and you help them make money to pay their bills and make a holiday miracle for their own family, we should shop with them. Here’s a great stocking stuffer or buy a ton and make a big gift box of it! Paparazzi $5 Jewelry & Accessories, they have tons of different styles and tons of jewelry and accessories to choose from for females of all ages! Everything is just $5and the necklaces come with a FREEmatching set of earrings! It’s an awesome site with tons of statement pieces at one low price!!! Check it out! Click Here!

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That’s a steal of a deal!

Have you ever wanted to just splurge on someone a gift but you have a very limited budget? Well I have the solution for you! These sites I’m listing below have tons of options for great gifts at a discounted price! You won’t believe how great the deals are! Click the word to be redirected to the website!
*Paparazzi $5 Jewelry & Accessories
(Gifts for your animals and all animal needs!)
*Soap (Gift sets and other soap needs!)
*Diapers (Diaper and other baby gifts and accessories)
*Shop Amazon’s Electronics Holiday Gift Finder – Find the Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

All of these links have tons of different stuff to offer for Babies, Teens, Adults, even your ANIMALS and fur babies of all sizes!
The things they offer make the perfect gift year round!

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